Broadband Speeds Again

It seems that a few weeks ago around 13th August several of our members were affected by a loss of broadband, and some with loss of phones as well. This seems to be OK now, but there are some things that you may wish to consider.

Following the loss of broadband  our upload speed was capped, resulting in slow sending of pictures etc.. We contacted Plusnet who arranged for this to be uncapped and we are now back up to normal at around .7Mbps (upload) Our line speed is 7.4Mbps with and actual achievable download speed of 7Mbps. This is perhaps not the fastest – but is very satisfactory.

We also found that during the disruption we lost 1Mbps when we moved the broadband connection cable from the Test Socket (behind the plate on the master socket), back to the Master Socket, suggesting that our internal extension cabling may be influencing things adversely. To overcome this issue we have fitted an ADSL Faceplate filter . This replaced the master socket cover plate and required wiring to the exposed extension cabling in the wall cavity – but is simple. You will need a plastic insertion tool  (very cheap) and ensure the four wires previously connected to the old faceplate, go back in the correct slots on the new filter (they are numbered). The filter separates the Broadband from the phone signals at source and does away with the need for filters on every phone extension socket. The broadband cable plugs directly into the faceplate. BUT it does (we believe) mean you have to have the Broadband cable fitted to the Master Socket (which is recommended anyway). So far so good. Needless to say whatever you do – you do at your own risk!

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