What’s Fake in Your House?

Those who maybe start their day a bit later, get the opportunity to watch Fake Britain on BBC One at 9.15am in the week (also available on I-Player). Watching some episodes over the last week will make you feel a little concerned about what’s for sale in this country. We have seen fake i-phone chargers that explode into people’s faces, counterfeit £20 notes that are so good only electronic scanners will detect them, fake Honda generators and wait for these ….. fake dental X-ray machines being sold to dentists –  and fake condoms!!!!!! Did you know that in China there are people thinking they are working for Apple, when in fact they work in a fake Apple store? Yes everything is being copied and many copies will leave you at the best financially poorer, at the worst severely injured or even dead. What should you do to avoid such hazards? This can be very difficult – because shopping from third parties on-line through reputable web-sites will not necessarily guarantee you get the genuine article, and shopping from some shops won’t necessarily do likewise. There are genuine bargains to be had, but you do need to be very careful. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Shop carefully. Report suspicious purchases to Trading Standards and do take a look at BBC’s Fake Britain for further advice.

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