Buying and selling a car privately

If you are buying a car privately, there are now several tools online that will help you do some preparation before buying.

  • To find out about a vehicle ‘s MOT history go to this Government site . This site will tell you of failure and advisory notices, along with a mileage history.
  • This site will tell you if a car is MOT’d and taxed.
  • You should also really look at getting a  vehicle’s status report (HPI check) and these are available from various organisations such as the RAC, HPI etc. There is a charge for these but they are really worth the effort. They will give you details of any outstanding finance, exports/imports, colour changes, mileage discrepancies, is it written off, interested parties and if stolen. Different companies charge different prices – so shop around and make sure you get the deal that gives you ALL the information. The report should also give an estimate of the vehicles sale value both privately or from a dealer, along with running costs and buying advice. Prices for the report start at around £15.
  • The background information is worth getting before you perhaps even look at the car.


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