Residents Comments

“I am keen for anything to be there, rather than more houses. Preferably, I would be happy with a playpark/basketball court/football pitch. If we need a building then the Scouts are welcome. I would like the bushes etc to be chopped lower, so that we can actually see the nice green area that we have. Our children play football there and I also feel it would be safer if they can be seen. It would also be better if they didn’t come home regularly with dog mess on their shoes. Again, dog owners would be more likely to be accountable for their dogs if they can be seen from the road. Just to reiterate. I do not want more houses to be built on that land, but I would actually like to see the land. The trees are far too high for maximum enjoyment.” D.O.

“It was always planned that there would be a Community Building on this site and if built this would provide a building for use by the whole community, not just Simpson Manor residents. It could also give a ‘home’ to a very worthwhile youth organisation, The Scouts, who are desperate for a suitable meeting place. Overall, if we do not build it – then we will lose it, and the developers money, and in effect we have all payed for this. Failure to build a Community Building can only lead to one thing – more land for the developers to build more houses on and we would lose an open space. Any negatives such as noise, security, or undesirables meeting there could soon be dealt with by a strong management team and building design. At the moment it is just waste land where children cannot even play because of dog and cat excrement – lets do something with it !” P.B.

“Any building constructed which prevents further development is a bonus for our estate. If the scouts can contribute that will enhance the attractiveness of Simpsons manor for families. As for attracting undesirables, that can be negated by proper security measures. At the moment that area is in effect a dog park for people outside our estate and needs to be utilised for our benefit and not for their dogs to defecate there!!! We should encourage a community project before the consortium decides to sell it to a profit hungry developer.” I.H.

“Not keen on the idea, especially living opposite the site. We’ve had enough trouble in the past with “undesirables” I feel this area will become attractive to them again. How would this be managed to ensure they stay away other than shutting down the building? Would there be barriers so the car park can’t be entered after a certain time? The community centre, car park etc also isn’t the most attractive thing to add to the estate. Would a play area be included in the plans similar to the Wootton fields community centre? We would rather it was left alone. Appreciate this is still in its infancy as stated.” C.W.

“Would like to see what develops on the open space” J.A.

“Hi we have received your letter regarding the community building and would like to join. Regarding the building I think it would be good to go in with the scouts but I would be concerned about noise.” L.S.

“After due consideration of the community building proposals we would be opposed to suggestion 1 and 2. We would prefer option 3 but with the funds being used to create and maintain an attractive pocket park. We would also like to say that the way that option 3 is actually presented – ie bluntly without any suggestion relating to other facilities that could be considered like our suggestion of a pocket park, is bias. There is no explanation about what other discussions have been had and on what basis or conditions the funds would need to be returned to the building consortium. Any open space in housing developments is premium. Green spaces particularly if recreational can enhance the lives of members of the community and are important to protect. A building where suggested would cause additional traffic, possible vandalism and certainly more noise.” C & G.B.

This building at Simpson Manor public area is not required as Wootton has a large Community Centre and surrounding land. The Scouts should make good use of the existing Community Centre or make arrangements to build a more affordable Scout building on the surrounding land at Wootton Community Centre which has all the infrastructure to accommodate such a project and will be very cost effective to build and very easy to maintain all building will be on one site including the new proposed library building. The local residents voted sometime ago that they do not want a Community Centre/Scout building placed on their one piece of open public area. They would much prefer the land properly landscaped with a small children’s play area. The present and new parish council should consider extending its portfolio of properties to include this new one at Simpson Manor because of the financial running cost for years to come which will only be another burden on the local tax payer. SAY NO TO SIMPSON MANOR BUILDING. M & J.J.

“We are supportive of a well designed and built community centre on the open space as was promised back in 1999 when we purchased and moved into our home. We are concerned that the current space isn’t well kept and has just become a dog walkers paradise. We want to see the grass and surface improved with the debris cleared from the site. Whilst we appreciate the space has taken a long time to bring to development, we welcome local community groups to be part of the development and therefore offer a good stable use for the much wanted community ‘hub’ for Simpson Manor. We would value a good maintenance regime for the hedges and open land and welcome a really inclusive layout for the rest of the open space. The Scouts plan is a good idea and I’m sure that they would help in keeping the area tidy and organised well. Would love to see a library and a small dental/doctors surgery there too if possible.
Many thanks for the details.” A.S.


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