Tax Refund Scam

One of our members has drawn attention to yet another scam going round – promising people a tax refund. Here is a screen shot of the sort of e-mail you may receive. This could be convincing to some. All are strongly advised to just delete these sorts of messages. If in doubt ring the alleged sender, BUT do not open up any links in the message.


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Crime Prevention Advice available for download

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales) has just published a comprehensive collection of crime prevention and safety advice.  You can download a copy here   . At present, it is only available in electronic format. However, the network is looking into ways of producing it in hard copy (e.g. securing a sponsor), and will update us with further details if hard copies become available. 

Many thanks to the network’s  partners the Police Service, the Association of Chief Police Officers, Crimestoppers, Get Safe Online, the Master Locksmiths Association, Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the Fire & Rescue Service, Secured by Design, Action Fraud and Avocet Hardware Ltd, and of course to Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch members, who have provided valuable input into this document.

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Telephone Scams

Telephone ScamsPolice poster published 28.1.14.

Click on the image to see full view.

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Are you receiving our e-mails?

We have recently been contacted by a member who has stopped receiving our e-mails on their Hotmail account. This is under investigation, but it may be down to Spam filter settings. If you have stopped receiving our messages for no apparent reason, please use our contact page to report this issue.

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I’m Stranded in the Phillipines – please help scam

We received an e-mail today purportedly from a colleague. The e-mail was “signed” by him and stated his post with the local society he was membership secretary with. The e-mail stated that he was in the Philippines and had been mugged. All his credit cards and cash had been stolen and he couldn’t leave his hotel until his bill had been paid. The Embassy and Police couldn’t help him and his return flight was soon to leave. There then followed a plea for cash. Needless to say this is a scam – if you receive such an e-mail delete it.

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What’s Fake in Your House?

Those who maybe start their day a bit later, get the opportunity to watch Fake Britain on BBC One at 9.15am in the week (also available on I-Player). Watching some episodes over the last week will make you feel a little concerned about what’s for sale in this country. We have seen fake i-phone chargers that explode into people’s faces, counterfeit £20 notes that are so good only electronic scanners will detect them, fake Honda generators and wait for these ….. fake dental X-ray machines being sold to dentists –  and fake condoms!!!!!! Did you know that in China there are people thinking they are working for Apple, when in fact they work in a fake Apple store? Yes everything is being copied and many copies will leave you at the best financially poorer, at the worst severely injured or even dead. What should you do to avoid such hazards? This can be very difficult – because shopping from third parties on-line through reputable web-sites will not necessarily guarantee you get the genuine article, and shopping from some shops won’t necessarily do likewise. There are genuine bargains to be had, but you do need to be very careful. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Shop carefully. Report suspicious purchases to Trading Standards and do take a look at BBC’s Fake Britain for further advice.

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Cheshire Police Internet Scam


This screenshot is what you will see with this scam

In March we circulated information from a member regarding a scam, whereby a  user would, whilst using their computer would receive a message saying their computer had been blocked and that a fine would have to be paid before the machine could be used again. This is a scam -do not click on any links.  Another member has now received such a message, and this is their account – “My partner has just experienced this incident in which he was listening to youtube on his laptop computer, he fell asleep for a few minutes to wake up & see a police page on his screen with his picture saying his pc had been blocked because he had been looking at inappropriate pages e.g child porn etc & saying he needs to pay £100 to unblock his pc. He has contacted the police & they have said that it is a scam & not to pay anything  – but there is no way of clearing this without going to pc world or someone who knows IT.  Be aware that he has Norton Gold security on his pc & they still got through.” Advice is –

“Cheshire Police have issued a warning to computer users following reports of Malware (malicious software) scams circulating the internet purporting to be from law enforcement agencies. This specific type of malware locks screens and requests members of the public to pay a fine to get their computers unlocked. The malware infects personal computers after users have accessed certain websites. *(It should be noted that there are several similar designs currently in circulation).


This virus can be removed from your computer and the guide to do this can be found on the internet – but we would suggest getting a competent person to do this. *then keep your anti-virus software up to date* Some messages say you have been looking at porn sites and must pay a fine – or you have committed some sort of traffic offence and must pay a fine – please do not believe any of this and *NEVER PAY ANY MONEY* If in doubt, call 101 and ask for advice”

Further information can be found here

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